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Branching new ideas for your accomplishment.

JF Consulting is a business and personal coaching service provider that works to amplify you and your business’ potential into becoming successful in the society and market. We offer an array of consulting services that will help you find new ways to improve your company or strategies into achieving entrepreneurial goals. JF Consulting has a team of professionals who can assist you in every way they can. No problem is too small or big for us!

We aim to serve you with the following services:

Credit Repair
We can help you manage and repair your credit. Our professionals will ensure that your credit records will be free from negative items after working with us! Teaming up with JF Consulting will guarantee you a safe and reliable service that is free from fraud and scams.
Tradeline of Credit
Our tradeline service will help you manage and pinpoint accounts listed on your credit report. We will make sure that you get to see all the activity on your report without compromising your positive activities, helping you maintain your good record.
Personal Funding
We offer smart personal funding or finance services that will help you budget, manage, and use your money wisely. We can also assist you in understanding the ins and outs of finance, as well as helping you create an emergency fund, paying off debt, and more!
Business Funding
Let us help you maintain and find innovative resources to help you protect your finances. We can assist you in making sure that your money is effectively used in starting and maintaining your business. Start your success story with us today!
Aged Corporations
Are you looking to start a business? Why not try and buy an aged corporation? We can help you with this process to avoid confusing you from your main goal.

Should you need our expertise and guidance, please get in touch with us! We will be pleased to have you as our client and help you find ways to achieve your goals.